Jenkyn Place ghost celebrates eponymous Blanc de Blancs

Hampshire’s Jenkyn Place Vineyard has launched its first ever Blanc de Blancs (2015).

The sparkling wine, made solely with Chardonnay grapes from its own vineyards, was launched by the Bladon family at Halloween, ready for the Christmas market.

 A recent article listed Jenkyn Place, named after the Grade II William and Mary house which dominates the vineyard, as the 7th spookiest of places in the UK.

Camilla, daughter of owner Simon Bladon, comments: "As far as we believe we have 3 ghosts: A lady on the bridge who drops coins, which sounds highly anti-social and wasteful; a phantom carriage which goes through the vineyard's front gates, even when they are closed (sadly not a Bentley, as that is the name of our village); and a ghost on the top floor of our home in my younger brother's bedroom.

My mother is the only person who has seen one, but there have been plenty of stories of guests asking previous owners if there was someone else staying - and they just hadn’t been told - after seeing a stranger walking up the main stairs to bed?"

"One such previous owner was Harold Sanderson, general manager of the White Star Line, which owned the Titanic when it sank in 1912, but our ghosts go back way further than that."

Perhaps with the planting of the vineyard in 2004, we like to think the ghosts have got curious and can be found floating along the pristine rows of Chardonnay. There has been some curious footage in the vineyards of white orbs on our security cameras, moments before the camera went black and was found comatose on the ground. We don’t think of the ghosts as scary; they came with the house, and we just hope they appreciate the evolving history of Jenkyn Place, as they are part of it.

Our newest release, our first ever Blanc de Blancs, is perhaps our homage to them all this Halloween, a wine made solely from the ghostish white Chardonnay grapes grown here at Jenkyn Place, rather than our red-hued Pinot Meunier or Pinot Noir.

A tasting memo for our Jenkyn Place Blanc de Blanc 2015, which we found in the vineyards, notes:

'This is a supernaturally fine wine, gossamer smooth and a shimmering showcase of the special greensand soils in which we souls live. It hints at warm communion bread on the palate, with a gentle nuance of the vicar’s breakfast-time marmalade and a truly phantasmal finish. This is a wine to die for and, like us ghosts, it will age beautifully."

After a night trick-or-treating, why don’t you allow yourself one more treat, and enjoy a glass of Jenkyn Place Blanc de Blanc 2015, available on our website,  RRP £38.00

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Camilla Bladon